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Another Love

Bulma sighed and sat down on the front step of Capsule Corp. She hugged her small mug of
coffee close. Letting it warm her hands, Bulma sat for several minutes, staring out into
deep space, before finally taking a sip of the coffee. The door slammed abruptly. Bulma
jumped and turned to see Vegita glaring down at her. He sat down next to her, leaning
against the railing for support. Bulma studied Vegita for several minutes. It had been
only two weeks since she broke up with Yamcha. Bulma scowled at the thought of Yamcha, the
bastard had been cheating on her all the time.
Bulma noticed Vegita had acted different ever since she told him she broke up with Yamcha.
Then again, he was acting very different from the time he first stepped inside Capsule
Vegita scowled and turned away from Bulma, ignoring her stares. He wondered what she was
thinking, being so lost at the sight of him. The corner of Vegita's mouth lifted in a half
smile. He quickly wiped it away as he noticed Bulma turn back toward the sky.
"Aren't they beautiful?" her soft voice gently floated in the air. Vegita turned to glance
at her.
"Nani?" he studied her, confused.
"The stars…they're beautiful." She replied, still lost in a small trance. Vegita followed
her gaze up to the secretive blue sky. He smirked when he noticed the bright, twinkling
stars that were scattered about the blue sky. Yes, the stars were beautiful, but Vegita
didn't let Bulma know that.
"Hmph." He crossed his arms in front of his chest. Bulma suddenly turned to face him,
studying him. Vegita glared at Bulma, wondering why she was so intrigued by his simple
genius. Bulma turned away, muttering something under her breath. Vegita scowled and turned
away from Bulma, not showing the hinted confusion in his eyes. Bulma wondered what was
wrong with her. Yes, Vegita was physically attractive, but he was still a selfish, unruly
bastard. Bulma could have mentally slapped herself for thinking Vegita was attractive. ~I
wonder how he feels about me…~ Bulma thought plainly. She turned to Vegita, as if trying
to reach into his mind. Vegita caught Bulma staring at him blankly. He felt his anger grow.
"What do you want!" he snapped. He bristled, a low growl sounded in his throat. Bulma
shook her head.
"I was just wondering if you'd like to go to the fair with me someday…" she answered
quietly. Vegita blinked.
"The what?" he looked at Bulma, confused.
"The fair. It's…a fun place. With rides, and games, and food." Bulma explained quietly,
still sort of lost in her own world. Vegita leaned in toward her.

"Where…is this…fair?" he asked, studying Bulma from up close. Bulma pointed off into the
horizon, where a big wheel sat against the setting sun.
Vegita raised a curious eyebrow.
"That's the fair?" Vegita was disappointed, he expected something more. Bulma rolled her
"No you idiot…it's just far away so it doesn't look very big, it has lots of games and
rides…" she sighed sadly. Vegita shook his head.
"I knew that…and don't call me an idiot." He growled lightly. Bulma continued gazing into
the distance. Vegita watched her for a couple solid minutes, wondering what she was
thinking. Bulma glanced at Vegita, noticing he was staring blankly at her. She turned away,
not feeling like talking anymore. Vegita scowled lightly. He turned his attention to the
big wheel that sat on the horizon. Vegita gently stood up, and turned to Bulma.
Looking down at her, he studied her for a couple minutes. Bulma didn't meet Vegita's
steady gaze. She continued to stare at her feet.

"Come on." Vegita held out his hand, watching Bulma. Bulma looked up at him, confused.
"Nani?" Bulma took Vegita's hand, and stood up to face him. She glanced down at her hand,
not even believing she was holding hands with Vegita.
His warm hand was somehow comforting against her own. She smiled and looked up to Vegita.
He stared blankly at her, studying her. Bulma felt herself pull closer to Vegita as if
some sort of magnetic force was attracting her to him. She looked up in his eyes, those
deep, dark, eyes that seemed to linger in space. They didn't seem to be cold and harsh
anymore. They were soft and warming, somehow…loving. Bulma suddenly realized she was nose
to nose with Vegita. His hand rested comfortably on her lower back. Bulma cast her eyes
downward, she wasn't ready for this. She turned away, gently pushing on Vegita. He let go,
and turned away.
"Do you want to go to the fair or not?" Vegita's rough voice clearly showed his
disappointment. Bulma smiled she nodded quickly.
"Would you take me?" she asked, looking up at Vegita. He turned away, not letting Bulma
see the small smirk tugging at his lips.
"Fine." His gruff answer broke through the darkness. Bulma smiled. He had changed. A lot.
Bulma picked up her mug of coffee and walked inside the house. Vegita followed behind her
Vegita landed softly on the hard ground. He set Bulma down gently. Looking around, Vegita
made sure to steer clear of all the 'fun' rides. He just followed Bulma around, sulking.
Finally, after practically begging Vegita, Bulma finally got him to ride on the Ferris
wheel with her.
Bulma stepped into the small car, making it swing back and forth violently. Vegita stepped
inside and quickly sat down. He glanced at Bulma nervously. The ride started with a jolt.
The small seat swung back and forth over the ground. Bulma sat across from Vegita,
comfortably spread out on the seat. She was peering over the side, studying the people
down below them. The ride stopped abruptly. Vegita froze.
"What happened…" his voice somehow seemed worried. Bulma laughed.
"Nothing…they're probably letting a couple people off, or on." Bulma looked at Vegita
curiously, "Why…you wouldn't be afraid would you?" she asked, her eyes twinkling in
excitement. Vegita knew he looked worried. He scowled.
"No!" he turned away, peering down at the ground. They were the only car on the top,
swinging back and forth lightly. Vegita quickly turned away, not wanting to see the tiny
specks formerly known as people. He could almost hear Bulma laughing at him. He scowled
and turned to glare at her.
She was staring at him, smiling slightly. Her head was resting in her hands and she was
studying Vegita like a lab experiment. He scowled and turned away from her.
The ride was at a standstill, by now, the car had stopped rocking, and stood quietly at
the top of the ride. Bulma felt a drop of rain hit her nose.
She looked up to see dark clouds tumbling over one another. She glanced back at Vegita,
who was staring off into the distance. Bulma followed his eyes, noticing a thick streak of
lightening hit the ground, followed by a crash of thunder.
Rain started pouring down from the sky in big, heavy drops. Bulma tilted her head back and
closed her eyes, letting the rain soak her hair. A cold hand touched her cheek. Bulma
looked down to see Vegita, staring at her, with a small look of compassion on his face.
Bulma found his hands quickly embedded in her wet hair. She reached out, stroking Vegita's
cheek fondly.
The ride suddenly jolted, bringing the people in the seat's back down to earth. Bulma
yanked back her hand, wondering what she was doing, almost kissing Vegita. She blushed and
turned away, gluing her eyes to the black sky above them. Vegita stood up quickly. The
small car rocked back and forth violently. Bulma looked up to him. He levitated, keeping
his steady gaze on Bulma.
"Where are you going?" she asked, a worried look crossed her face, mixed with anger.
Vegita scowled lightly.
"Home." Was his last word, before blasting off toward Capsule Corp. Bulma yelled after him,
screaming about what a stupid bastard he was, but soon enough the thunder and lightening
covered up her insults.
Bulma walked along the beaten path. She would murder Vegita for leaving her at the fair.
Bulma ran a hand through her hair, it was still wet and clinging to her neck. Bulma
clenched her fist and continued walking, ready to kill Vegita the moment she stepped
through the door.
Bulma slammed the door. She glanced around, hoping Vegita was nearby so she could yell at
him. She glanced out the window at the gravity chamber. No, he wasn't in the gravity
chamber, which was quite unusual. Bulma scowled and walked through the kitchen, not caring
if she left muddy footprints behind her. Bulma jogged up the stairs, she opened the door
to Vegita's room, and was surprised to find him sitting on the small bed, staring out the
window. She bit her lip, hesitating.
Vegita had been acting strange lately, hardly noticing Bulma, or not arguing with her at
all. Without another thought, Bulma gently walked in Vegita's room. She sat back against
the wall, watching him, waiting for him to make the first move. He made no movements, just
sat and stared out the window. A fly buzzed around the room, eventually flying out the
open window. Bulma walked up behind Vegita, and gently touched his shoulder.
A harsh hand grabbed her wrist and held it tight.

"Ouch! Vegita!" Bulma yelped in pain, his grip was tight. She felt her hand start to go
numb, and wondered if she was seeing things, or if her fingers were really turning blue.
Vegita let go of Bulma's hand quickly. He crossed his arms and refused to look at her.
"Hmph…" he scowled and turned his head away.
"Damnit Vegita! What the hell is wrong with you!" Bulma glared at the back of Vegita's
head. She wished she could just slap some sense into him, but she knew she'd probably die
before that happened. Vegita turned his attention away from Bulma, not saying anything.
Bulma sighed in defeat.
~That man is impossible…~ she thought angrily. She turned away, and stalked out of the
room, feeling Vegita's eyes follow her silently.
Bulma stepped under the warm water. She smiled, she loved taking showers. Not because she
liked being clean, she just loved the simple feel of the rushing water on her skin. Bulma
sometimes took two, or three showers a day. If she felt stressed, she took a shower, it
somehow washed away her troubles. When she was tired of Vegita's continuous arguing, she
took a shower. Bulma smiled and let the water run through her hair. She turned up the
water a little, making it warmer. She shivered and let the water run over her face.
Bulma stepped out of the shower and wrapped a towel around her body. She shivered and
quickly put on her robe, rubbing her hair vigorously with a towel. She walked out, still
rubbing her damp hair. She sighed and sat down on the couch. Staring blankly off into
space, she kept rubbing her hair, oblivious to her surroundings.
Vegita stepped into the living room, watching Bulma intently. His stomach turned and he
could tell he was blushing. If the strange feeling he's had for several days, was love,
then he didn't like it. Vegita walked up behind Bulma without realizing it. He stood
behind her, watching her dry her damp hair with a towel. Vegita reached out and touched
the back of Bulma's neck without realizing it. Bulma turned around slowly, astonished. She
was about to yell at Vegita for some reason, but stopped when she saw the emotions in his
"Vegita…" Bulma hardly heard her own voice, not even realizing she was whispering. Vegita
walked around the couch and sat down beside Bulma. He stared at her intently, studying her
with his coal black eyes. Bulma could hardly believe he was sitting in front of her,
staring at her as if she was the most beautiful thing on the planet. She blushed lightly
at the thought. Vegita opened his mouth to say something, but stopped to think. Bulma
reached forward and brushed her hand against Vegita's soft skin, stroking his cheek.
Vegita closed his eyes and quickly grabbed Bulma's wrist. He sat there for several minutes,
just holding her wrist. Bulma didn't even protest.
"Have you ever…felt…" Vegita hesitated, then continued, "That you were bonded with someone…
but you have no clue who it was?" Vegita opened his eyes to look at Bulma. Her eyes
glistened with emotions. Vegita leaned closer to her, ignoring the fact that they were
both blushing.
"Hai…" Bulma's voice was still a whisper compared to Vegita's own rough words. Bulma felt
their noses brush, but she kept her sparkling blue eyes glued to his. Those eyes, those
dark, cold, brutal, impassive eyes that now showed something more. Something that resembled
love, something that told Bulma he cared for her.
"Have you ever felt, that someday you'd find that person that you seemingly bonded with?"
Vegita's own voice was getting softer as he said those words. He stroked Bulma's neck
fondly, touching her soft skin.
"Hai…" Bulma murmured softly. Vegita's lips touched Bulma's nose gently. He was kissing
her, not exactly the way Bulma wanted it, but somehow a small kiss of love, not lust.
"Have you found that person yet?" Vegita's hushed voice barely hit Bulma's ear. She smiled
weakly, and nodded very slowly.
"Hai…hai…" Bulma was about to say more, but was cut off when Vegita's lips gently touched
hers. Vegita savored the taste of her sweet lips, kissing her more passionately. Vegita
felt Bulma's hands become tangled in his unruly hair. He smirked lightly and kissed Bulma's
neck, gently nipping at her skin. Bulma found his hands everywhere at once. She hid her
smile and kissed Vegita's face with light butterfly kisses. She leaned her head against
Vegita's shoulder, wrapping her arms around his neck in a loving half-hug. She felt Vegita
pick her up, and gently carry her out of the room.

Chichi stared at her friend, dumbfounded. She shook her head, trying to clear away the
somewhat disturbing thoughts from her head. Bulma bit her lip and held back her guilt.
"So…that's pretty much the whole story." Bulma stated quietly, not meeting Chichi's angry
"Bulma…seriously…what were you thinking?!" Chichi could hardly hold back her anger.
"I don't know!" Bulma was frustrated with herself, and Chichi. She slammed her clenched
fist on the dining table. She knew her friend would be mad at her, sleeping with a known
killer like that, but Chichi wasn't the only one frustrated and astonished with the
"Bulma…I thought you'd be smarter then this…honestly…" Chichi shook her head in
disappointment. She almost got a slap in the face.
"Oh Goku's not perfect either! And neither are you!" Bulma shouted at Chichi, obviously
angry. Chichi rolled her eyes, at least her husband hadn't killed a couple thousand people.
"Do you know how many people that man has killed?" Chichi asked harshly, letting herself
calm down. Bulma turned away, ignoring the intent stare her friend sent in her direction.
She hung her head, ashamed at what had happened. Not only had she slept with a mass
murderer, she was pregnant with his child, by about a month and a half. Bulma couldn't
hold back the uncontrollable sobs that racked her body. She could feel Chichi hugging her,
but she couldn't care less who was hugging her. Her life had been turned upside down and
backwards over a stupid little mistake. Well, a big mistake more like it. A one-night
stand wasn't Bulma's idea of love.
Bulma watched Chichi walk out the door. Her friend had always been there, always, but this
time, a million friends couldn't fix her problem. She walked to the couch listlessly. Her
life had been completely shattered, by just one man. Bulma sat down on the couch, hugging
a pillow to her chest. She calmly turned on the radio, to hear some happy, bouncy dance
song. Bulma curled up on the couch, clutching the pillow. A hand touched her shoulder. She
looked up into the cold eyes of the man that had completely ruined her entire life.
"What do you want Vegita." Bulma hissed through clenched teeth. She glared up at him,
making herself as intimidating as possible. Vegita replied with a sadistic smirk.
"How's the brat." He asked rather flatly, not caring for Bulma's welfare.
"Why should you care." Bulma snapped, hugging the pillow to her chest again. Vegita's
smirk turned into an evil one. He looked down at her with such a look of pure evil on his
face, Bulma promptly shivered.
"That brat is going to be the beginning of a new race of Saiyans." Vegita's cruel words
struck Bulma quickly. She felt her heart sink completely. Her eyes welled up with tears,
she had been wrong, Vegita would never be the man she had hoped.
"Get out of my house. Get out, now." Bulma stared up at Vegita, trying to keep a face that
looked just as emotionless as his own, "Get out of my life!" Bulma screamed at him, not
even caring if she was talking to a killer. Vegita crossed his arms and stared straight at
her, showing her that he wasn't in the mood to leave.
"Hmph." Vegita glared down at Bulma with an emotionless face. He felt something in his
heartbreak as he saw tears stream down Bulma's face, but he ignored it.
"What happened to all that emotion you showed me…what happened to you?!" Bulma tried to
hold back the staggered sobs.
"All an act." He sneered, obviously enjoying her pain, "An act to fool you, so you could
help me rebuild my empire." Vegita smirked and touched a rough hand to Bulma's cheek. She
veered away from him, falling off the couch onto the carpeted floor. Bulma stared up at
him, horrified. She clutched the pillow to her chest tightly, as if letting it protect her
from the man that stood before her. Bulma cast her eyes downward, gluing them to the floor.
"Chichi was right. You have so much blood on your hands, you wouldn't…no…couldn't care for
anyone but yourself. If my life has to be lived like this, rebuilding your empire, then I
don't want to live. You're here to kill me, so kill me right now, I don't want to suffer."
Bulma looked up at Vegita, staring up into his amazing eyes. Those eyes that had hid so
much of his past, the eyes that had caught her up in his possessive life, the life that
had nearly been killed, if not for Goku's kind heart. Bulma turned away, Vegita was not
alive anymore, the emotions that he had shown her once before were all gone. If he had any
pity, mercy, or even love left in his black heart, Bulma knew he would leave her.
"I should go…I trust you will take care of the brat." Vegita paused for a minute, "and
yourself." He turned away from Bulma, and walked out the door slowly, letting the entire
scene sink in. Bulma let her head hang, the only man that had actually caught her heart,
had torn it to shreds, and thrown it out of his life. She bit her lip and buried her face
in the pillow, letting the uncontrollable sobs get the better of her.
Bulma looked up to the radio that was still playing music. She wiped a couple tears away
from her eyes. She smiled lightly, recognizing the song.
Bulma leaned against the couch and stared blankly at the radio, following the words of the
song. She smiled, she somehow understood her life better now. Because of one song that
opened her heart.

Doesn't really matter what the eye is seeing
Cause I'm in love with the inner being
And it doesn't really matter what they believe
What matters to me is you're in love with me

Bulma could hardly stop smiling through her tears after recognizing the song. She smiled
warmly, she somehow understood. Vegita loved her, and she knew it, though he did a good
job of hiding his emotions. Bulma frowned for a minute and put a hand on her stomach. She
smiled, knowing that she loved Vegita too. Even though he threatened her, and almost made
her believe she meant nothing to him except a one-night stand, she could still tell he
cared for her. She let herself think on that, she had sent him away, but then again, the
bastard deserved it. Bulma hugged herself tightly, telling herself over and over that it
was true that she did love Vegita. He had threatened her, and told her she meant nothing,
but Bulma still loved him. She didn't want to hide her emotions from him, but she knew
Vegita would hide his emotions no matter how much she loved him.
Yes, she was angry with the man for leaving her, for yelling at her and hurting her, but
she was somehow content, knowing she was carrying his child as proof of her love for him.
She smiled to herself, it didn't matter if he was a killer Saiyan, and it didn't matter if
he had almost killed her best friend's husband and only son. That was the past. What
mattered was the present, and the future. The future was uncertain, but Bulma knew that
sometime in the near future, she would have a baby to take care of. What mattered to Bulma,
was not how much blood was on Vegita's hands, what mattered to Bulma, was that she loved
that man. She could tell, she almost knew she loved Vegita. And she also knew that Vegita
loved her, no matter how much he tried to hide it.

The End

Usual Jabber: ok! It's done. It's short, but I think I kind of wanted it to be short,
don't worry, hopefully there will be a sequel, or something like a sequel added to this
thing. 'Doesn't Really Matter' belongs to Janet Jackson, and I used it without permission…
I'm very sorry! But I doubt I'll ever be able to meet a pop star, and ask if I can use
their song in a fanfic. But let's face it, it's a perfect song for Vegita and Bulma.
Vegita, killer Saiyan. Bulma, weak Earthling. Bulma doesn't care if Vegita is/was a killer,
she still loves him, right? And here comes Janet Jackson, writing this perfect song that
matches the whole story line. So I'm sorry if I used it without permission, but I just
like that song! Forgive me!

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