A Day at Master Roshi's House (and Some Other Places)

One day Master Roshi was going to the store when a guy with a gun shot him several times in the head. Master Roshi then killed the guy by looking at him and walks into
the store. He goes over to the beer section and grabs all of the beer.

Then he flies home and everyone is there, waiting for him. Master Roshi looks at them and drinks all the beer before anyone noticed it.

"Why the BEEP are you in my BEEPING house BEEPERS??!!?!!?''said Master Roshi. '' You have several bullet holes in your head! How can you be alive?!'' exclaimed Krillin.

Master Roshi then shoots a ki blast at Krillin, killing him. ''BEEP you Krillin!" he said as Krillin's dead body slumped to the ground. Everyone stared at the mangled body of
Krillin. ''Why did you do this to Krillin? He was my friend....and I mean WAS before he died.'' said Goku. ''He was in the BEEPING way to my beer cellar.'' answered Master

Just then Choatzu comes out of no where. ''Tien!'' he said excitedly. ''I thought you were dead, Choatzu.'' replied Tien.

''MIDGET!! GET IN THE BEEPING KITCHEN AND MAKE ME SOME MORE BEEPING SOUP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Master Roshi ordered. "Oh, so you've been here making soup for Master
Roshi, haven't you?''asked Tien.''Yes, I have been here ever since I got wished back after I killed myself trying to hurt Nappa." the midget said.

"Hey, does anyone want to go find the Dragon Balls for no good reason?"asked Gohan."My mom won't let out of the house, but she's gone right now and I escaped my cage
and she won't find me if I'm gone." added Gohan."Hey, that's a good idea,Gohan."said Yamcha.

A moment later the phone rang. Gohan picked it up."Hello?" It was Chi Chi on the phone!"Gohan!Is that you!?YOU BETTER GET BACK HOME RIGHT NOW I'LL SEND YOU TO
THE OTHER BEEPING DIMENSION!!!!!!!!!" Chi Chi said." Ummm, you have reached Kame House.Please leave a message after the tone." Gohan said in what he thought
sounded like an answering machine voice. Chi Chi hung up the phone."Whew!"exclaimed Gohan."That was close!"

"Hey Gohan, are you the Gohan in High School or the retarded baby Gohan?"asked Goten, his younger brother."I'm not retarded!I'm the Gohan in High School." retorted

"I sense an evil power somewhere.Let's find out what it is and futiley try to defeat it."said Piccolo."Okay." Gohan said.

They fly off and go to where they think the evil power is. After a while, they come across what appears to be the ruins of a city."I wonder what did this?"asked Gohan to
himself."I did it, you retard!!!" said an unseen voice. Then a short figure (taller than Krillin) stepped out of the shadows. "I think I've seen you before!"said Gohan."Of
course you know me, you idiot!"said the unknown figure. After that a taller, fatter form stepped beside the short one.

"Do I get to eat these people too?"asked the fat one." Maybe. If I feel like it."replied the short one. Both of the figures were pink and had a thing on their head and wore
baggy white pants and belts with an "M" on them. The fat one wore a vest too small for him.

"Don't you remember us? Mr. Buu and Majin Buu?" asked the short one, telling them that he was Majin Buu and the fat one was Mr. Buu."Oh, I remember you! I fought you
a couple years after Cell."said Gohan.

"Can I go to Master Roshi's house and stay there instead of fighting, dad?" asked Goten."No! We need all the help we can get!"answered Goku."Is everyone going to fuse
together then?"asked Goten."That's a good idea!"

Every fused. Goten and Trunks fused, Vegeta and Goku fused, Gohan and Piccolo fused."Are you ready to fight yet?" asked Majin Buu impatiently."No, I forgot to
eat!"Piccohan said."You moron!We don't have time to eat!"said Gotenks.Everyone turned Super Saiyan.

Majin Buu said " Okay, Mr. Buu. You can eat them now." "Yum!......If they defuse I'll be able to eat more then. Can we wait for them to be separate again?"said Mr. Buu.
"Do you really want to try to fight me? You'll just lose until one of you becomes a higher level Super Saiyan. I have more important matters to deal with now, like
destroying cities, you know." said Majin Buu, obviously bored.

"Okay, we'll let you destroy some cities while we train." said Gogeta. They all flew off except for Gotenks."Do you want to go to a beer party at Master Roshi's now?" he
asked Buu. "Alright. We'll go." They flew off in the direction of Master Roshi's house.

Meanwhile, Chi Chi destroyed cities looking for Gohan and Goku. Majin Buu, Mr. Buu, Goten, and Trunks had a beer party at Master Roshi's house while all the others
trained in the hyperbolic time chamber.