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That Special Day
This story is, obviously, about Bulma and Veggie's wedding day.
Although, unfortunately, they don't get married in the series. I know I
don't have a story to back this one up, I was gonna put it as a side
story to How It All Began, but then I remembered that they already got
married in that one! ::smacks own forehead:: So now, on with the fic!

Bulma paced in her dressing room. Chichi looked on at the young lady in
the beautiful white wedding gown with an obvious case of the
pre-marriage jitters.
"It's gonna be okay Bulma," Chichi assured. "You're getting me nervous!
Would you stop pacing?"
"I'm sorry..." Bulma sat down in the chair in front of her vanity
mirror. But soon enough, she was tapping her feet and drumming her
fingernails against the table. Chichi groaned and walked over to her.
She lightly stepped on her feet and grabbed her hands. "This is almost
worse than the pacing." Chichi said.
"I'm sorry... I'm just.... nervous." Bulma confessed.
"Yeah, I've noticed."
"I just, don't know if I'm doing the right thing."
"Do you love him?"
"Do you think he loves you?"
"I know he loves me."
"Then that's all you need to know." Chichi replied and let go of her
hands and stepped off her feet.
"Thanks." Bulma answered smiling. She started twiddling her necklace in
her fingers. She looked down at it. It was a shiny silver heart locket
with a smaller golden heart in the middle. She opened it up and saw her
Vegeta smiling back at her. She caressed the locket and sighed.
"Do you really think he meant what he said?" Bulma asked quietly, still
looking at the locket in her hand.
"How can I know that if I don't know what he said?" Chichi replied.
Bulma looked up at Chichi and smiled. "That's right, I haven't told you
how he proposed..."
"Ooo, tell me tell me tell me!" Chichi squealed.
"Okay, I suppose we have time..."

::Flashback - 2 Weeks Ago::

Bulma woke up from her nap and looked at her clock. 6:00 pm.
Well, I suppose I'd better get up and make Vegeta his supper. I'll bet
he's down there ranting and raving... Bulma sighed and got up.
She sleepily walked downstairs, rubbing her eyes and yawning the whole
As she got to the living room, a wonderful smell came wafting into her
nostrils. What is that delicious smell? Vegeta doesn't know how to
Wide awake now, she hurried into the kitchen to see... Mrs. Briefs,
with her motherly apron on standing next to the stove.
"Oh! Finally you're awake dear!" she merrily said.
Bulma breathed a sigh of relief. "Oh thank you mom. I really didn't
want to cook for Ve... ge... taaa...." she faded off at the sight in
front of her.
During her little appreciation speech, her mother had pointed to her
left (Bulma's right) and showed her a sight to behold.
Right there in front of Bulma's speechless face, was their table, a
bright red table cloth covering it, and on top, a beautiful candle
stick with a flaming candle, and Vegeta. Sitting at one end. In human
clothes. Not a tuxedo, oh no, just, nice clothes. Let's just put it this
way: not spandex (not saying he looks bad in spandex! ^.~).
"Ve.... Ve.... Ve...." was all Bulma could stammer.
Vegeta smirked. "Just as I expected. Now come on and sit down, I'm
hungry." Vegeta said relatively kindly.
Bulma slowly walked to the table, eyeing Vegeta the whole time. When
she finally reached the table and sat down, she just sat there and
looked at Vegeta quizzically. Vegeta just sat back and smiled, Let her
try and guess why I set this up, it'll just make her frustrated. At the
thought of her face when he pissed her off, he smirked slightly and
closed his eyes in wait for the food.

Mrs. Briefs served the food just like a professional waitress. Of
coarse, Vegeta stuffed his face, but not as savagely as he usually did.
When they finished, Vegeta reached under the table and pulled up a long,
black, velvety box and gave it to Bulma.
Bulma gasped as she saw the box rise above the table and being slid
over to her. She just sat there, with her hand over her mouth, staring
at it.
Finally she took the hand not covering her mouth and ran it over the
smooth velvet.
Oh my God... he gave me a present... Vegeta... gave me a present! Was
this his idea? How could he, of all people, come up with something so
She removed the hand from her mouth, brought it down to the box, and
opened it. Yet again, she gasped at the beautiful treasure she was
beholding. In the box was a silver heart necklace with a small gold
heart in the middle. She picked it up and realized it was a locket. She
opened it up to see Vegeta's face smiling... no, smirking, back at her.
She let out a little laugh as her eyes welled up with tears. She put it
on and thought, It's all mine. There is no better gift in the world...
"Wo-- uh.. Bulma... I have a uhh... question for you." Vegeta said,
breaking through her thoughts. He stood up and walked over to her, her
eyes following him with every step,. He got to her side, looked at her
mother, and said, "One knee, right?"
Okay, I was wrong. Bulma thought immediately. Her heart started
pounding, that sound mixed with her ringing ears. She was about to
blurt out "yes!!" before he even asked the question, she could hardly
contain herself!
Vegeta knelt on one knee, reached in his pocket, and pulled out a
small, square, velvet box.
Bulma let out a small gasp. He opened it up so she could see and said,
"Bulma? Will you marry me?"
A rush fell over Bulma, she got a tingling going up and down her spine,
her mind was racing, her throat was dry, it felt like she had swallowed
her tongue!
In what seemed to be forever, but was actually a couple of seconds,
Bulma screamed out, "Yes!!! Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!!"
With that, she jumped on him hugging him to death. When she released
the death grip, Vegeta removed the ring from the box and placed it on
her finger. Bulma giggled.
"Wrong hand stupid," she said softly.
Vegeta mouthed 'damnit' and put it on the other hand. Vegeta then
leaned forward and kissed her deeply and softly, and Bulma kissed back
Mrs. Briefs stood in front of the stove watching the beauty in front of
her unfold, hand on her heart, and sighed.

::Flashback End::

"Ya know," Bulma added, "we had been talking, well, I had been talking
about marriage a couple days before that. Ya know something else? After
that, mom told me that before she met daddy, she was a professional
Chichi sighed. "That is so romantic!"
Bulma smiled. "I know..." she whispered, still remembering that special
Bulma stood up and walked over to the full length mirror and looked at
"Damn, I am sexy," she said. Her hair was up in a beautiful messy bun
with hair still down in the back. She had gold earrings that had little
gold strings dangling down from the main. The veil was very long and
silky and sparkled marvelously. The part on her head was a line of real
pearls that was pinned to her hair. She had silky gloves that went past
her elbow and bright white high-heeled shoes. And now, the dress: The
top of the dress was sleeveless elastic around the top and bottom of
the chest with bright white cloth in between. The middle was tight,
light blue cloth that ended at a golden band past the waist. From that
band flowed the snow white, flowing skirt part that went down to her
Chichi smiled. "He would have to be even stupider than I think he is
already if he doesn't think you're beautiful," she said, walking up to
Bulma. Bulma turned around and smiled as tears clouded her vision.
"Thanks Chichi..." she squeaked and gave Chichi a hug.
"Now Bulma," Chichi said, starting to cry, "we can't cry, we'll
completely mess up our makeup."
Bulma nodded and let go of Chichi, stopping her tears.
Then the wedding coordinator knocked and poked his head through the door
and smiled. "Everybody ready? I hope so because it's time to line up.
Come on."
Chichi looked in the mirror at what she looked like, the bride's maids
dresses were beautiful.
Low "V" cut with lose arms sleeves that started after the shoulder. The
top of the dress was a light, medium blue that came down to the waist a
started into a long pointed "V." The skirt was long and silky and a
sparkling, light sky blue.
Chichi fixed the little rose stuck in her hair, smiled and followed
Bulma out.
They walked behind the cheery coordinator in the light purple business
suit looking outfit down the long hall to where the line was leading to
the main hall.
When they approached it, Bulma was amazed at how beautiful it all
looked. Everyone was gorgeous, and the men were all so handsome. Not as
handsome as my Veggie though... she thought with a smile.
She walked to the end of the line and was handed her bouquet. Her
bouquet had such an arrangement of flowers, it would take at least an
hour to count and name them all. Bulma stuck her nose into the flowers
and breathed in their sweet scent. And then, it started.
The bride's maids walked down the ail, smiling. Then right before Bulma
went Chichi and Goku, she turned around and smiled at Bulma and started
walking down. Bulma could have sworn she heard an, "I'm hungry," from
Goku, she giggled at that.
"You gonna be okay, honey?" Mr. Briefs asked his only daughter and
child for that matter.
"Fine dad," Bulma smiled.
"Do you need a calming pill?" Mr. Briefs asked reaching into his pocket.
"I stocked up just in case."
"Uhhhh... no dad, I've seen what the ingredients for those are. It's
like cocaine."
"Oh... hehe... so you've seen my notes..."
"Dad, do you not want me to get married?"
"Well, you won't be my little girl anymore..."
"Dad, I haven't been your little girl since I was 5 and made my own
calculator and robot dog."
"Ahhh, old ScrewBall. Yeah, I knew since then that you were no longer a
little girl. All grown up and building your own companions."
"I love you dad," Bulma said hugging her father just before heading
down the ail. "Now dad, we gotta go down the ail."
"But I don't wanna... Are you sure you love him?"
"Very much dad, more than anyone in the whole world. No offense."
"I know..." Mr. Briefs smiled. "Okay, let's go."
Bulma smiled and started down the ail. Bulma didn't even hear the
wedding music in the background, but she did hear it in the back of her
head. The sweet melody played in her mind like the song of the heavens.
She was in a state of complete bliss as she strolled down the ail as
people "ooo"ed and "ahh"ed and whispered about how beautiful she was.
When they arrived at the front, Bulma realized that Vegeta wasn't
there. Oh no, don't tell me his cold feet got the best of him. Or even
worse, his ego. Bulma's eyes looked around frantically, but she didn't
move her head, she didn't want people to know how nervous she was.
Suddenly people started whispering.
Uh oh, that's a bad sign... she thought painfully.
Then Bulma heard Goku say, "Here he comes..." Bulma didn't know what
that meant, but she was hoping it was good.
Suddenly there was a crashing sound as Vegeta came crashing through the
roof. The look on Bulma's face, and everyone else's face, was
priceless. He landed right next to her and mumbled, "Damn traffic."
Vegeta was wearing a tux, surprisingly, but no tie, and the top of the
white part had the first two buttons unbuttoned.
Bulma smiled in spite of herself and whispered, "I didn't think it
would be exactly like the rehearsal wedding."
"Yeah well, damn humans and their damn traffic jams. By the way, your
minus one car. Also those plains are annoying."
Bulma giggled at Vegeta's absolute blindness to everyone else's
feelings besides his and, hers.
The priest's eyes were wide open with shock as he stared at Vegeta in
surprise. Bulma cleared her throat and the priest snapped out of it.
"Oh uh a-a shall we begin?" Vegeta rolled his eyes. "Duh."
Bulma elbowed him lightly and they turned to face each other. They just
stared into each other's eyes the whole time, blocking out everything
else, in their own little world. They were communicating to each other
with their eyes, just, speaking, in a confusing, unexplainable way.
The way the in love posses and the lonely desire.
The only thing that Bulma paid attention to, was when she was supposed
to say "I do." That was all she cared about. She didn't even need to
need to know what the priest was asking them to agree to do, whatever
it was, she agreed, as long as she could be with Vegeta for the rest of
her life.
"Bulma. Do you take Vegeta to be your lawfully wedded husband, through
sickness and health, through richer or... poorer, through good times
and bad, till death do you part?"
"I do." Bulma said looking into Vegeta's eyes and smiling.
"And do you Vegeta take Bulma Briefs to be your lawfully wedded wife,
through sickness and health, through richer or poorer, through good
times and bad, till death do you part?"
Mr. and Mrs. Briefs held their breath. Bulma looked into his eyes and
saw the love and happiness hidden deep inside his soul that the most
privileged person in the world was only allowed and had the power to
see: her. And she smiled.
Vegeta knew she trusted him and his answer and smiled as best he could,
meaning he smirked. Then he turned serious and said, "I do."
Relieved breaths were heard from the Briefs, as were from some others.
Bulma smiled as tears welled up in her eyes. Although Bulma had trusted
him, she was still relieved that he had actually said yes, she wanted
to laugh and cry at the same time, and she probably would.
"Then by the power vested in me by the city of Tokyo, I now pronounce
you husband and wife."
Bulma let out a giggling sob when she heard those words echo through
her head, over and over.
She let it sink in and tears streamed down her cheeks.
"You may kiss the bride."
Vegeta lifted her veil. "You really trusted me didn't you?" he asked
"Of coarse I did." Bulma whimpered. Vegeta leaned forward, and just
before he kissed her, he said, "Damn woman, you cry too much."
Bulma kissed back happily. Her dream had finally come true, she got the
prince charming of her childhood. Maybe not the perfect husband in
someone else's eyes, but to Bulma, no one could give her an any more
precious gift. There would never be such a perfect memory for Bulma as
that moment.
Everyone stood up and cheered as the kiss commenced. People were amazed
at how long it lasted, it had been at least a minute. People wondered
how someone could hold their breath that long.
When it finally ended, everyone cheered even more as Vegeta and Bulma
gasped for air. Bulma laughed and hugged him. Vegeta buried his face in
the light blue hair that was not in the bun and breathed in her scent.
Bulma was the happiest woman in the world.
When she let go of him, she kissed him one last time, took his hand and
they walked down the ail.
As they left the main hall, Vegeta picked Bulma up in his arms, smiled
and asked anxiously, "Wanna get an early start on the Honeymoon?"
Bulma laughed and smiled. "But we have to go to the reception!"
"Oh... we can be back in time for that." Vegeta smirked.
"Oh really?" Bulma smirked as well. "Then we can continue after the
reception huh?"
"Oh yeah."
"Well then, take me away!" Vegeta held on to his neck and kissed him as
he took off.
In the shadows, Mr. Briefs was about to call after Bulma, but Mrs.
Briefs held him back.
"Uh uh uh... let them be, they're newly weds."
Mr. Briefs sighed in defeat.
"Honey, you remember how we were." She smiled. Mr. Briefs smiled too.
"Maybe we can have our own second Honeymoon tonight?" Mrs. Briefs
batted her eyes. Mr. Briefs smiled widely.

                                    And so begins the saga
                            Of the greatest couple in Anime
                            And because I don't write hentai (Juuhachigou's Note: I do now!)
                                     That's all I have to say

The End

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