How It All Began - Part 3

The Next Day...
Bulma woke up, rubbed her eyes, and walked over to what she thought was
her closet. She was still pretty tired so her eyes were mostly all
closed and she wasn't paying attention, Nothing a little coffee won't
she thought. And since she wasn't paying attention, she walked
right into the wall.
"Ow!" she cried. She looked around. "Were the hell is my closet, or all
my other stuff for that matter?!"
She thought a minute, "Wait.... this looks like Vegeta's room!" she
She walked over to the closet, that was on the other side of the room.
Okay, I know this is Vegeta's room, but just to make sure. she
She opened the door to see just what she thought she would see. Just as
I thought, spandex. This is Vegeta's room all right.

She closed the closet door, walked over to a stool, and sat down to
think. I need to get back to my room, but I can't go there in my
underwear..... What do I do?
she thought.
She looked over to the closet, stared at it for a while, then got an
"It's crazy, but it just might work." She ran up to the closet, opened
it, grabbed some spandex and Saiyan armor, and ran into the bathroom.
She came out about five minutes later in Saiyan armor. She looked at
herself in a full length mirror.
"Well, it was hard to get it on," Bulma commented, "but damn! I look
She walked over to the door, opened it, an looked both ways like she
was crossing the street.
Nobody's coming, she thought, safe to go.
She tip toed over to the elevator and pushed the button to go down. She
hoped that nobody else was in the elevator. Lucky for her, no one was.
When she got out of the elevator on her floor, she tip toed down the
hall to her room. She got to her door and sighed. "I can't believe I
managed to make it to my room without being seen." she sighed.
"Bulma?" came a voice from behind her.
"Just my luck," Bulma frowned. She turned around to see....... "Dad?!"
"B-Bulma, why in god's name are you dressed like that??" Mr. Briefs
asked dumbfounded.
"Uhhh..... I....." Bulma stammered. "I'm busy." And with that she ran
into her room and locked the door.
Mr. Briefs stared at the door for a minute. He scratched his head,
confused, shrugged and continued on his work.

Vegeta woke up about when Bulma got on her floor. He looked next to
himself, she wasn't there.
He looked around the room, she wasn't there either. She must have gone
back to her room.
he thought. He stood up, yawned and stretched.
"I think I'll pay her a little visit," he thought out loud. So he
teleported to her room. It just so happened that he got there when she
got in her room. He teleported right in front of her, and when he saw
her his eyes shot open. Then he smirked and said, "Hey, I guess I can
find a girl in a fighting uniform!" (AN: If you remember from the
beginning, it all fits together. If you don't remember, you can look
back, it's right at the beginning)
"Ha ha ha." Bulma said sarcastically, then she walked over to her closet
to change.
"Hey," Vegeta said, stopping her, "why are you wearing my armor
"Because," Bulma explained, "I wasn't gonna walk downstairs half, no,
three-fourths naked. Which, by the way, was your doing."
"Oh yea... that..." Vegeta said. He could feel his face growing hot.
Bulma went to her closet to change. When she came out she threw the
Saiyan spandex and armor at Vegeta and said, "There ya go, all yours."
Vegeta walked over to her closet and hung up the suit. "You might need
it later on." he said walking out of the room.
"Wait!" Bulma called.
Vegeta turned around and said, "Whoa, déjà vu."
"Why did you bring me up to your room anyway?" Bulma inquired.
"Well, I kinda got so used to sleeping next to you that I couldn't get
to sleep without you next to me." Vegeta said.
"Ohhh... that's so sweet..." Bulma cooed.
"Uhhh... yea." Vegeta commented and walked out of the room.

Later that night in Vegeta's room...
*ring ring*
"Who would call me, no one ever calls me." Vegeta thought aloud. He
picked up the phone and said, "Yea."
"Well you're not very polite on the phone." said a familiar voice.
"What do you want Kakarott?" Vegeta said grumpily.
"So, you recognized my voice!" Goku replied happily.
"Yes I recognize your annoying voice."
"Well, I was wondering if you wanted to come to my bachelor party?"
"Bachelor party? What the hell is a bachelor party?"
"You don't know what a bachelor party is? Boy, Planet Vegeta must have
been a boring! A bachelor party is like your last party you have when
you're single, but I kinda am putting it on too late, but hey, I wanna
have it."
"Yeah sure, when?"
"Tonight at 8, it'll be at the Blue Max, ya know, the bar."
"I know what the Blue Max is!"
"Okay, geez."
"Yeah I'll be there."
"Great! See ya then!"
Hmmm.... a bachelor party huh? Never had those on Planet Vegeta. Must
be a human thing.

At The Party...
"And Chichi comes in with whip cream covering the places I don't wanna
see on her, unfortunately not her face, thinking she looks as hot as
the girl on Varsity Blues!!!!" Goku said, everyone burst out laughing,
him the most. They all had beers and were so drunk they could barely
The people at the party were Tien, Yamcha, Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo, and
Choutzu, yes Choutzu is old enough to drink. When the party ended, they
all went their own separate ways. Vegeta went to the Capsule
Corporation, Yamcha, Piccolo, Tien and Choutzu all went to their own
separate apartments, and Goku went to his house. When he got there, he
kept crashing into things and making loud noises so he woke Gohan up.
He came out rubbing his eyes and saw Goku. "Dad? What are you doing?"
he asked sleepily.
"Why I just got home Go... Go... what was your name again?"
Now Gohan knew the signs of intoxication, and he saw obvious signs in
"Dad, you're intoxicated!" Gohan exclaimed.
"Are you calling me stupid?!" Goku yelled pointing his finger at Gohan.
"But Dad, intoxicated means-"
"Go to your room!"
Gohan sighed and walked to his room.
Goku walked into the living room and said, "Hi honey!"

Sara walked into the house, she walked into the living room and gasped.
"Oh my god Goku, why are you making out with the dog?!"
"Huh?" Goku looked up at Sara who was wide eyed, then at the dog who
was also wide eyed, the back at Sara, the at the dog, then started
spitting and gagging and ran to the bathroom. (AN: Here is one of the
major reasons not to get drunk!)

At The Capsule Corporation...
Vegeta snuck in what he thought was his room, but since he was drunk,
he tripped over the window and crashed onto the floor. He heard
rustling in the background, then a light turned on. There was Bulma
standing in a robe.
"Bulma? What the hell are you doing in my room?" Vegeta asked, one eye
half closed.
"Your room? Vegeta, you're in my room." Bulma explained.
"Your.... room?" he said looking around.
Everything was different. "Oh man!" he said getting up, but then he
tripped again, but this time he just lay there, didn't even try to get
"Oh god Vegeta! You're drunk! What did you drink at that bachelor
party?" Bulma asked.
"Something called tequila..." Vegeta said.
"Vegeta, that's like practically all alcohol!" Bulma wailed.
"Really? Well I'm not drunk anywayz." Vegeta said with a wavery voice.
Bulma stood there with her hands on her hips and said, "Do you want to
make a bet on that Mr. Drunk out of his mind!"
"But I don't have any money..." Vegeta whined.
"Well if you don't have any money that means it's true."
"Yep. Now let's take you up to your room."
"But I don't wanna!!" Vegeta whined, just like a 3 year old.
"How many glasses of tequila did you have?" Bulma asked, she never
thought he would act like this, no matter how drunk he got. And she
thought he'd have the sense to not get drunk.
"Well, I was unusually thirsty, I think it was somewhere between 40 and
50." Vegeta said.
"Between 40 and 50 glasses of tequila?! I'm surprised you haven't
passed out!" Bulma said.
"Actually, on the way here, I did pass out a couple of times... the
first time I landed on my head, that hurt!" Vegeta said rubbing his
"Yea... okay, let's get you to bed. And since you refuse to go up to
your room, you can sleep in my bed and I'll sleep on the floor." Bulma
said like a mother to a very small child. She brought him over to the
bed and put him on the bed, but it was hard.
"Now you don't have to sleep on the floor. You can sleep in the bed
with me!" Vegeta said smiling happily.
"No, that's okay, I'll sleep on the floor." Bulma said looking at him
"Sleep in the bed or I'll cry!" Vegeta yelled.
"Okay I'll sleep in the bed!! Please don't make this weirder than it
already is!!" Bulma said
jumping onto the bed. "You are unbelievably drunk aren't you?"
"You wanna know something funny?" Vegeta asked.
"I can't imagine, but go ahead, tell me." Bulma said.
"I... love you," he said smiling and touched his pointer finger onto
her nose, "but I've been too much of a wuss to tell you because you're
in love with somebody else."
Bulma was stunned, "W-when did I s-say I was in love with s-somebody
"A while ago when you tried to kill yourself and you told me one of
your problems was that you were in love with someone but you were
afraid to tell him." Vegeta explained.
"Well, whoever said I was talking about somebody else..." Bulma said
"You mean..... you were talking about me?" Vegeta said wide eyed, or at
least as wide eyed as he could get.
Bulma turned her head up and looked into Vegeta's eyes. She slowly
nodded her head.
Vegeta couldn't help himself, he lunged forward and kissed her
passionately. She kissed back.
(AN: I'm so used to reading this mushy stuff, not writing it, so it
feels a little weird.)

Back At Goku's House...
Goku was distraut about what he did. "But I thought it was you!" Goku
said, his face in his hands.
"You honestly thought the dog was me?" Sara asked.
"Well my vision was blurry and I couldn't tell a mouse from an
elephant." Goku said sadly.
"Well this time it will be me..." Sara whispered. They were about to
kiss when...
"A BACK UP GIRL?!?!?!" someone yelled so loud it shook the whole house.
"No! Please don't please don't! *crash!!!* Aaaaahhhh!!! Ooooowwww!!!"
someone else cried.
Then the door slammed and a very angry Rebekah came storming into the
living room.
"Yamcha just confessed that I was a BACK UP GIRL!!" she yelled.
"Oh... sorry... Rebekah..." Sara said wide eyed.
"Oh, and you know that big tree that was in you front yard?" Rebekah
said, "It's now on top of Yamcha. Have a nice night!" And with that,
she left, leaving Goku and Sara scared and confused.

The Next Morning At The Capsule Corporation...
Vegeta woke up with a pounding head ache. "Ooooowwww...." he groaned.
"It's called a hangover." somebody yelled from his bathroom, but he
recognized the voice.
"Bulma?" he asked.
"Boy, that tequila is like a truth serum on you." Bulma replied.
"What do you mean?" Vegeta asked, very confused.
Bulma walked out of the bathroom and kissed him, then walked back in.
"Oooohhh," Vegeta groaned, "don't tell me I told you..."
"Yes you did," Bulma answered quickly.
"Oh ma-" Vegeta stopped in mid sentence, "wait, if I told you, I woke
up with you in my room, and you just kissed me... then that must have
turned out to be a good thing!"
Bulma poked her head out of the bathroom and gave Vegeta a 'duh' look,
then pulled her head back into the bathroom.
"But you can't tell anyone about this relationship!" Vegeta said.
"I wasn't planning on it, do you know how pissed my father would be?
He'd kill me!" Bulma replied.
"Yeah, if Kakarott knew I had a relationship, especially with you, I
would never hear the end of it." Vegeta said.
Bulma walked out of the bathroom fully dressed, walked over to Vegeta,
gave him a quick kiss and said, "Bye sweety I'm going out to get some
groceries. You better get up soon if you want to get your fill of
training!" And then, she left. Vegeta sat there and thought for a
minute, "Sweety? Is that my new pet name?" he thought out loud. Then he
shrugged, got dressed and went to the gravity machine to train.
That night at dinner, things went pretty normal. Bulma served dinner,
but this time she sat next to Vegeta. They were eating like they
normally did, until Bulma jumped a little.
"Stop it!" Bulma whispered to Vegeta while smiling and giggling. Vegeta
gave her a small smirk.
Bulma and Vegeta stopped when they saw Mr. and Mrs. Briefs looking at
them weird.
"Uhhhh, what's going on Bulma?" Mr. Briefs asked, confused.
"Nothing, why would you ask that?" Bulma asked keeping her face towards
her plate.
"Never mind. Forget your father said anything at all, dear." Mrs. Briefs

Things went on like that for about a month, then one day, Bulma got
sick. She didn't tell anybody, she told her parents she was going to
the mall, but she really went to the doctor.
When the results of her visit came back, what she thought was true, she
was pregnant.
She went back to the Capsule Corporation and went up to Vegeta's room.
No one was there. He must be training. she thought. So she just sat on
the bed thinking.

That Night...
When Vegeta got done training, he went up to his room and saw Bulma
sitting on his bed.
"Hey Bulma, you didn't tell me you got home." Vegeta said.
"What do you think of Trunks?" Bulma asked.
"What do you think of Trunks, for a name?"
"A name for who?"
Bulma got up and walked over to Vegeta. "Do you love me?"
"Of coarse. Why wouldn't I?" (AN: How sweet, he admits it)
"And you promise you'll never leave?"
"Seeing what it did to you last time, yes."
Bulma hesitated, but then said, "I'm.... I'm pregnant."
"I'm going to have a baby, a baby boy. Your baby boy to be exact."
Bulma bowed her head. Vegeta put one hand on his hip and the other on
his forehead. He walked out to the balcony to think. Bulma figured
she'd better just let him be for now, it was 8 pm. At 10, he still
hadn't come in, and Bulma was about ready to go to sleep. She walked out
onto the balcony next to Vegeta and said, "Vegeta, come in, it's late."
He didn't say anything.
Bulma sighed, "Come to bed soon." she said. She kissed him on the cheek
and walked back into the room.
Great. Now she's gonna have a brat. She's gonna have to tell her
parents and then our secret will be exposed.
He was out there for a long time, but finally he made up his mind, Let
her tell her parents, I won't be here. He walked into the room and saw
Bulma asleep. He leaned over and kissed her, "Good bye," he whispered.
Then he flew out the window.

When Bulma woke up that morning, she called out, "Vegeta?" but nobody
answered. Oh no, she thought, please no! She ran to the window,
it was quiet outside, he was not in the gravity machine. She ran
upstairs as fast as possible. When she got to Vegeta's room, she just
opened the door, but no one was there. Her eyes filled with tears and
she slowly walked back to her room. When she got back to her room, she
ran to her bed and cried hysterically while yelling, "You promised!!
You promised me you would never leave!!"

Vegeta went to the same place he did last time he ran away, he felt
really bad, but he couldn't risk his pride, could he?

He was gone for over a week, and he had basically been thinking the
whole time. But finally, after a battle in his head, he had made his
choice. How could he possibly choose pride, or anything for that matter,
over the woman he loved? And he started on his way.

It was about midnight when he got to the Capsule Corporation. He
quietly entered Bulma's room through the window. He walked over to her
bed and touched her cheek with his hand. But her cheek was so cold.
And that feeling of warmth spread throughout her body. Vegeta was about
to leave, but while Bulma was sleeping, she got a feeling inside that
was near. She opened her eyes and sat up quickly and said, "Vegeta?!"
before she even saw him. She looked over and saw Vegeta standing in the
middle of the room. Tears started building in her eyes.
He walked over to her, put his hand on her cheek and said, "I think
Trunks would be a wonderful name."
Her eyes lit up and a big smile came across her face. She leaped on
Vegeta and cried hysterically on his shoulder the rest of the night, or
until she fell asleep. Then Vegeta picked her up and put her on the
bed, then he floated over to the other side of the bed and hugged her
all night.

Mr. Briefs walked down the hall toward Bulma's room whistling. But when
he opened the door to her room, he gasped. He saw Vegeta laying next to
Bulma, holding her!
"Bulma!!" Mr. Briefs yelled.
Bulma shot up. "What? Huh? Who?" she said quickly.
"What in god's name is going on here?!" Mr. Briefs yelled, infuriated.
Bulma turned her head towards Vegeta, who was now awaked, and mouthed
'Can I tell him?' Vegeta sighed and slowly nodded. Bulma smiled warmly,
then turned her head to Mr. Briefs.
"Dad, get Mom and go down to the living room, there's something I need
to tell you."

"Mom, Dad," Bulma started when they were all down in the living room,
even Vegeta, "I have something to tell you. I'm.... I'm.... pregnant."
"PREGNANT?!" her parents yelled simultaneously.
There was an awkward silence, but then Mrs. Briefs said, "Why, honey...
I didn't know you and Yamcha were back together..."
"Oh hell no!" Bulma yelled. Vegeta laughed a little.
"Well... if he's not the father.... then... who is?" Mr. Briefs asked,
a little frightened about who it might be.
Vegeta was standing in the shadows, Bulma walked over to him, put her
arm around his thin waist and walked into the middle of the room. Mr.
Briefs' mouth dropped wide open.
"Vegeta," Bulma said. That being said, Mr. Briefs fell over backwards,
he had fainted. Mrs. Briefs squealed, "Oh I'm going to be a
grandmother!!" and she clapped her hands.
She ran over to Bulma and gave her a big hug and kiss, and then she did
the same to Vegeta. She stepped back to look at them, "Oh, you two make
the cutest couple! And is a boy or a girl?" she asked anxiously.
"A boy!" Bulma said smiling.
"Oh I bet he'll be as handsome as his father!" Mrs. Briefs said running
up and hugging Vegeta.
Vegeta leaned over and whispered, "She's taking this rather well, don't
ya think?"
Bulma giggled and nodded her head in agreement.
"But mom," Bulma said, "what about dad? Is he gonna be all right?"
"Oh your father will be all right, he just got overly excited." Mrs.
Briefs replied.
"Uhhh mom, I kinda doubt that," Bulma said.

Vegeta realized that the baby would need a father, and that it's
parents would need to be..... married. So he decided to ask Goku how to
propose, for he knew that news of the baby, and the relationship, had
spread throughout everyone they knew. So he just went over there. When
he got there and knocked on the door, Goku opened the door and said,
"Vegeta! You rascal you!" and he hugged him and picked him off the
"Get your damn hands off of me!!! I'm not your pathetic female!!" Vegeta
yelled, wiggling in Goku's arms trying to get out of his grip.
"Oh yeah, that's right, you're not 'that' kind of person," Goku replied
setting him down.
Vegeta shook himself then walked into his house, not even asking. This
was something strange to him, a new feeling, shyness. He had never felt
something like it before. But he mustered up the guts to do it. He
turned around to face Goku and said, "Kakarott, uhhh.... I have a
"Shoot." Goku said smiling.
"Uhhh.... yea... the question... ummm... how do you... uhhh... propose?
I mean do you just go up to her, say 'marry me' and go get married?"
Vegeta said incredibly embarrassed.
"Propose?! Vegeta!! I can't believe it!! Congratulations!!" Goku yelled
Vegeta put his hand in front of Goku's, like a stop signal, with his
other arm across his chest and his head turned and eyes closed. "I
asked a simple question, now give me a simple answer." Vegeta said
"Okay, you have to go buy her a big diamond engagement ring. Then when
you give it to her, you get down on one knee in front of her, and say
'Bulma, will you marry me?'" he acted it out as he said it.
Vegeta looked at him awkwardly, then said, "Okay, where do I find a
"At the mall," Goku replied.
"The mall? That's like forbidden territory for me... but if it's for
Bulma, I will." Vegeta said.
"Ohhhhhh.... that's so sweet!" Goku said smiling.
"What are you, gay?" Vegeta said raising an eyebrow.
"No!!! I was just joking!! It was kinda sweet though..." Goku said,
Vegeta rolled his eyes and started walking out of the house. "Wait!
Where's my thanks!" Goku called after him.
"You just received it." Vegeta called back, then he left.
"The nerve!" Goku said angrily. Then he shrugged and walked into the
living room.

Later that night, after he got back from the mall, a journey he would
never tell anybody about (AN: but that doesn't mean that I won't write
about it in a side story after this one!), he went up to Bulma's room,
where he expected Bulma to be, she was.
"Hi Vegeta! Where you been all day?" Bulma greeted.
"Uhhh.... no where..." Vegeta replied nervously. He walked over to
Bulma, who was sitting on her bed, got down on one knee in front of her
just as Goku said to do. She gasped.
"What? What'd I do wrong?" Vegeta said nervously.
"N-nothing, p-please continue....." Bulma stammered.
"Oh, okay," Vegeta said, relieved. He cleared his throat and said as he
slipped the beautiful diamond ring on her finger, "Bulma, will you
marry me?"
Bulma was speechless, Vegeta was asking to marry her, she figured she
would have to do that, and she was going to soon. Vegeta started
sweating he was so nervous. "So?" he asked.
"Y-y-yes. Yes. Yes! Of coarse I will marry you!!" Bulma yelled happily.
She hugged Vegeta so tightly that he could barely breath. Vegeta was so
relieved, he was afraid she would say no.
They hugged for a long while, but then Bulma realized that she had to
plan the wedding. She wanted it to be soon, so her and Vegeta agreed on
next week.

Next Week At The Wedding...
Vegeta was pacing in his dressing room. Goku just watched him and said,
"Now who's the one getting married."
"Hey, this is my first, not my second," Vegeta came back.
Goku shut up. Then the lady that told them when to go on opened the
door and peeked in. "Come on you guys, you're almost on." she said to
"Okay! We're coming!" Goku said grabbing Vegeta's hand and running out
to the line of people to walk down the aisle. The ring bear, flower
girl, bridesmaids, but since Bulma believed in 'silly superstitions' as
Vegeta called them, she didn't want him to see her in her dress until
she was walking down the aisle. "Please Vegeta, it's bad luck!" she had
said to him.
They waited for what seemed like an eternity, but then the lady said to
Vegeta, "Okay, you're on!"
Vegeta walked down the aisle, not knowing if he was doing it right. But
Goku was next to him, so he wasn't as embarrassed to know that Goku
might screw up. When they got to the aisle, down came the flower girl
and ring bear. Then the bridesmaids. Then... the bride. Vegeta's eyes
grew wide at her radiant beauty. He never thought she could look so
wonderfully beautiful, it was stunning.
When she got up to the alter, her and Vegeta locked eyes for the rest
of the wedding. It was like they were talking to each other
telepathically, because once Bulma got up there with him, Vegeta was
incredibly calm, or at least calmer. During the wedding, nothing went
wrong. Bulma was very pleased, Vegeta hadn't witnessed very many
weddings, only one to be exact, and he didn't know anything about them,
so he didn't really know what to think about it. But he actually did
have a little fun... at the reception.

At The Reception...
Vegeta had danced to one fast song, and all of the slow songs. He was
actually having a pretty decent time. Then came the dance for only the
bride and groom. Bulma had picked the song that she hoped would best
suit their life after the wedding, I Wanna Love You Forever by Jessica
Simpson. Vegeta was kind of embarrassed up there, the only one dancing,
in front of everybody. But Bulma comforted him.
"Vegeta, don't be so tense. Relax." Bulma whispered in his ear.
"I can't, all these people are staring at me," Vegeta said.
"Oh would you forget about your damn pride for once, and just do this
for me." Bulma said sadly.
"Sorry," Vegeta apologized, "it's just that we never had any of these
weird human rituals on Vegeta."
"That's okay," Bulma replied back smiling. She rested her head on his
shoulder and closed her eyes, just like at Goku's wedding. Bulma had
been noticing something. "Vegeta, you're not screwing up on your slow
dancing." she whispered happily.
"It's a good thing you gave me those dancing lessons." Vegeta replied
smirking. Bulma looked up at him, smiled at him lovingly and kissed him.
They didn't even notice the other people starting to join in on the
dancing to the beautiful song. They were in their own little world, a
world where it was only them, no one else, just dancing together
lovingly for all time.

The End
(And there will be a sequel, I mean, we gotta have Trunks in there
I would also like to give my thanks to my friends Frootie, and Rebekah, who writes Sailor Moon fanfics, her website
is Chibi-Usa's Playground. They
were both such a big help in this story. Any comments or ::gulp::
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