How It All Began - Part 2

"What do you want woman?!" Vegeta said.
"I am trying to sleep! And you're screwing around in that damn gravity
machine! I am gonna disassemble that thing!" Bulma screeched.
"You stopped my training for that?" Vegeta retorted, annoyed.
"Shimatta Vegeta! Stop training! You can train tomorrow!" Bulma yelled.
Vegeta just blocked her out. He was about to close the door, but Bulma
said, "Vegeta if you close that door, I swear I'll disassemble it!!"
"Fine," Vegeta said with a smirk, "I'll just train with the door open,
that way it'll be louder."
"Shimatta Vegeta!" Bulma yelled walking away. "I hope you break your
fuckin neck! And shut the damn door!"
Vegeta shut the door and let out a long sigh.

Bulma actually fell asleep, but since she went to bed so late, she
didn't get up till late. She went to the kitchen to make breakfast,
half asleep, eyes half open. But when she got to the kitchen, her eyes
shot open. There was Vegeta sitting at the table, sipping a cup of
coffee that her mother made every morning. Vegeta turned his head to
her, "Slept in huh?" he said.
"Gee, I wonder why!" Bulma said scowling.
"Hey, don't look at me." Vegeta said taking a sip of his coffee.
"OH I'M LOOKING STRAIT AT YA BUDDY!!!" Bulma yelled. "It was all your
fault! What with your new early morning training plan!"
"Whatever. Just hurry up and make me breakfast." Vegeta said.
"You want breakfast?" Bulma said, tears building up in her eyes. "Make
it yourself!!"
With that, she ran outside toward the gravity machine bawling her eyes
"I hate my life! I have no reason to live!" she said as she sat next to
the gravity machine.
Suddenly she stopped, looked at the gravity machine, and said, "That's
She walked into the gravity machine, looked around, and walked over to
the main control.
"So this is it. This is how I'm going to die. Well, might as well get
it over with." She started typing in the stuff to get it to work. First
she turned it on, then she got it so she could type in how many times
Earth's normal gravity she wanted it to be. She was about to type in the
gravity level, but she hesitated. Should I do this? Yes. I can't take
all the problems anymore.
she thought, tears streaming down her face.
I think two times Earth's normal gravity will work.
So she typed it in, and pushed enter. Almost immediately, she was
pulled to the ground with unbelievable force. She was squished against
the ground, she couldn't move, she could barely breath. Good-bye
everyone. Mom, Dad, Goku, Sara, Gohan, Videl, everyone. Even you Vegeta.

Suddenly, Vegeta shot up. "Something's wrong. I can sense it." he said.
Then he ran outside.
The gravity machine's door was open.
"What the hell!" he said. He ran up to it and looked inside.
"Oh shit!!" he yelled when he saw Bulma lying on the ground.
He ran over to her, picked her up, and took her out of the machine.
She started coughing.
"Bulma! What the hell do you think you were doing?!" Vegeta said.
It took a while for her to answer, but finally she said weakly,
"Vegeta...... is that...... concern I hear in your voice?"
He was silent for a while, but then he said again, "What the hell do
you think you were doing."
"Duh. I was trying to kill myself." Bulma said.
"Why not."
"Well............... you have lots of good things going for you."
"Yeah, like what."
"Well......... ummmm......... you're smart, and...... beautiful.......
and brave....... and gorgeous, plus a lot more."
Bulma's eyes were wide open in shock. "Wow..... t-that's a long
l-list......." Bulma said amazed.
Vegeta suddenly realized what he had said, and blushed furiously.
"Vegeta, I had no idea." Bulma said, smiling and blushing.
"Well........ uhh......." Vegeta was speechless at what he had just
Bulma started giggling, but then started coughing, from what had
happened in the gravity machine.
"Shimatta," Vegeta said, "you're all busted up. I'd better take you to
your room." He picked her up and floated up to her window. He brought
her over to her bed when he got in her room and lay her down on it.
"Thank you Vegeta," she said sleepily while giving a warm smile.
"Yea whatever. Just don't try this again," Vegeta said sternly.
Bulma giggled. "The only reason I did do it was because I couldn't take
all the fucking problems in my life. You especially." she explained.
"Me?! What did I do?" he complained.
"Does 'Whatever. Just hurry up and make me breakfast' ring a bell?"
Bulma replied.
"Yea well I was hungr-" Vegeta protested.
"That does not give you the right to keep me up late and then, the next
morning, ask me to make you breakfast the instant I get up! I am not
your servant!"
"Hey! I am a fricken Saiyan! I can't help it that I have an appetite
the size of Tokyo!" Vegeta yelled.
"And I can't help it that the only guy I've ever loved kept countlessly
cheating on me and didn't even care how much it hurt me. I also can't
help it that nobody even realizes how much pain I'm in from that break
up and tons of other problems in my life!" Bulma said, tears now
streaming down her face. There was a silence between them. Vegeta could
sense inside him this pain that she was feeling and somehow it was
deeply affecting him.
"Other problems consisting of what?" Vegeta questioned.
Bulma hesitated, but said, "One of the problems is that...... that I'm
in love with someone and I don't have the guts to tell him." Bulma
said, her tears slowly ceasing.
Oh shit. thought Vegeta. These things always happen to me. The only
time I like someone, they have to go and fall in love with someone

Little did Vegeta know that the one that Bulma had fallen in love with
was none other than himself.
Then the phone rang.
"Moshi moshi, Bulma speaking," Bulma said into the receiver wiping away
her tears.
"Konichiwa Bulma," said the person on the other line, "this is Goku."
"Oh konichiwa Goku!"
Vegeta crossed his arms, rolled his eyes and groaned. Bulma put two
fingers on his lips which meant 'shut up' and continued talking.
"What's up?" she asked Goku.
"I heard Vegeta," Goku said.
"Vegeta! He heard you!" she said covering up the receiver.
"So," Vegeta said carelessly.
"Sorry," she said to Goku.
"So k. By the way what were you two doing?" Goku asked mischievously.
"Talking," Bulma replied.
"Suuuuuuuuure you were......." Goku said slowly.
"Goku, don't make me....." Bulma warned.
"OKAY OKAY!!! I'M SORRY I'M SORRY!!!!" he screamed.
"Don't make you what?" Vegeta asked.
"Kick him in the balls." Bulma said with her hand over the receiver.
"Ouch!" Vegeta cringed.
Bulma giggled and continued talking to Goku.
"So what did you call for?"
"Oh, the divorce is in an hour and.... ahem.... operation drown the
bitch..... is at 9:00."
"Oh great. Me and Vegeta will be there."
"Okay. Bye Bulma."
"So, what's going on?" Vegeta wondered.
"Oh, Goku's divorce is in an hour and operation drown the bitch is at
nine." Bulma explained.
"Oh, please tell me I don't have to wear a tuxedo!" Vegeta protested.
"Only for the divorce. I'll pick out you're clothes." Bulma replied.
"Whatever, I'll be training." Vegeta said.
Of coarse it took Bulma about 45 minutes to get herself ready. It took
her about 5 minutes to get Vegeta's clothes ready. And about 9 minutes
to get Vegeta out of the gravity machine and into the clothes she
picked out.
"Oh shit!" Bulma cursed. "I forgot to include the time it'll take to
get to the courthouse!"
"Don't worry," Vegeta said picking her up. Then he shot off towards the
They were there in less than a minute, and Goku landed right next to
them right after they did.
"Hey you guys!" Goku exclaimed. Vegeta still had Bulma in his arms.
"Okay, that's it. My ass you two aren't a couple!" Goku yelled.
Vegeta set Bulma down. "What?! Do you think she can fly?! How else were
we supposed to get here in less than a minute without flying?! The only
way she can fly is if I carry her!!" Vegeta retorted.
Bulma stepped in the middle and said, "Okay, both of you shut your big
fat Saiyan mouths. We have a joyous event to get to: Goku's divorce."
"Hey! You're right!" Goku said cheerily. Then he practically skipped
into the courthouse.
When Bulma and Vegeta got into the courthouse, in the front of the
building on either sides were a smiling, practically giddy Goku and a
scowling, cranky Chichi.
(AN: Okay, I know nothing about what happens with divorces and custody
hearings so I'm making this whole divorcement thing up myself! ^_^)
About 5 minutes later, the judge entered the room. After he sat down in
his big chair, he said, "Okay, Son Goku, Son Chichi, as of now, you are
no longer married. It's official. (pointing to Goku) You are Son Goku
(pointing to Chichi) and you are Chichi whatever the hell your last
name is."
"How about Chichi BeOtch...." Goku mumbled. But since Saiyans have
overly sensitive hearing (AN: or at least in my story they do!), Vegeta
heard it and started snickering.
Bulma leaned over and said, "Vegeta, I don't even want to know what
you're laughing at." Vegeta stopped snickering.
"Now," continued the judge, "on to the custody hearing. Who wants the
Goku immediately raised his hand.
"Alright we have a winner!" said the judge.
"Mr. Son, I award you custody of the k-"
"Wait!" complained Chichi. "Shouldn't you ask to hear good cause?"
"God, I can see why you want to divorce her! How annoying! Fine. Son
Goku, give me good reason why you should have custody of the kid." the
judge said.
"Well, I actually allow him to go outside once in a while rather than
stay inside and study and do homework every minute of his fricken
life." Goku said.
"Yeah dad!!" yelled Gohan.
"And," Goku continued, "I like him to pursue his talents!"
"What's his talents?" the judge asked.
"Fighting. He's an excellent fighter. He has saved the world countless
times, him and other people." Goku explained.
"Well, I'd say that's a good reason. Son Goku, I hereby award you
custody of Son Gohan. Chichi, I award you...... nothing. Well, I'm
beat. Son Goku, I now give you permission to stuff her in a duffel bag,
or anything you can find, stick a couple hundred pounds of weights to
it, and throw it in the river. Court adjourned." the judge said.
Then they started dancing around and sang, "THE BITCH IS GONE!! THE
"Great, now they're gonna dance." Vegeta complained.
"Oh stop complaining," Bulma said.
So Goku and Gohan danced in the front of the room for a while, but then
everybody left.

That Night...
"You ready?" Goku asked.
"Ready." said Vegeta and Bulma.
"Left me ouft!!" screamed a muffled voice from the duffel bag that they
were carrying.
"Oh shut up!" Goku screamed.
Of coarse it was Chichi that was in the bag, and Goku was incredibly
When they made it to the dock, Goku asked, "Did you remember the
"Yep." said Vegeta. They all tied the hundreds of pounds of weights to
the duffel bag with Chichi kicking and screaming inside it.
"Ya know Chichi," Goku said to her, "I've always wanted to say this to
you. Rot in hell you bitchy ass ho!" Then he kicked the bag into the
river. And they all watched the bag sink as she wrestled to get out.

She never did get out. And the Dragon Ball gang got along better with
her not there bitching to them all the time. And soon, it was Goku and
Sara's wedding. Vegeta was the best man and Bulma was the maid of honor.

In Sara's Dressing Room...
"Ohhh.... I'm so exited!!" Sara said while pacing back and forth in the
dressing room.
"I know. You're lucky. I wish I could marry someone as nice and cool as
Goku." Bulma said.
"Actually, I wish I could just get married......"
"I know, marriage is a wonderful thing." Sara said dreamily.
Then both women sighed.

In Goku's Dressing Room...
"Married again," Vegeta commented.
"But this time, I wasn't tricked, and I'm not marrying a bitch." Goku
said admiring himself in the mirror.
"Just wait and see what time will do." Vegeta said.
"Come on Vegeta, this is my wedding. You should be happy for me." Goku
"I'm not happy for anyone."
"Vegeta you really should lighten up. Come on! It's time for the
wedding!" Goku said grabbing onto Vegeta's hand and pulled him down the
hall. He stopped when he got to Bulma.
"Hi Bulma. Here's Vegeta!" he said throwing Vegeta at Bulma. Then he
teleported to the alter.
Just then, Sara came to the back of the row of girls and boys. The it
First came Vegeta and Bulma down the aisle, the best man and maid of
honor. People were whispering things like, "Oh what a wonderful
couple," and "I'm coming to their wedding." And of coarse Vegeta could
hear them, What idiotic humans. Always assuming. he thought.
"Vegeta, do you always have to look like you're pissed off? What's with
your eyebrows?" Bulma whispered.
"I was born that way. And it's because most of the time I am pissed
off." he whispered back.
"It's a wedding for god sakes, couldn't you at least show the top of
your eyes??" Bulma whispered.
"I told you, I'm incapable of doing that." Vegeta whispered calmly.
They were almost to the alter.
"After the wedding, explain," Bulma said.
They got to the alter and split off into their own directions. Then
came the other bridesmaids and men. The men consisted of Krillin
Yamcha, Tien, and, reluctantly, Piccolo. The women consisted of
Juuhachigou, with Krillin Rebekah, Sara's neighbor, with Yamcha, Lunch,
with Tien, and Mindy, also one of Sara's friends, with Piccolo. Mindy
kind of liked Piccolo, she thought he was cute and her favorite color
was green. (AN: hey, just because I write it, doesn't mean I know what
I'm talking about.) When the bridesmaids and men were done walking down
the aisle, down came little Gohan and Videl, the Ring Bear and the
Flower Girl, holding hands. (AN: I know Videl doesn't show up till Gohan
is in Orange Star High School in the Buu Saga, but oh well.)
When they got up to the alter, they were supposed to split up and go
opposite ways, but they didn't. They both went off to the same side,
sat down and talked.
Then came the bride. She was dressed in a flowing white gown that
sparkled all over. Where the dress started, there was a row of flowers.
On the veil, the part that was on her head also had a row of flowers.
And the veil came down to her knees. Goku's mouth was open to his waist.
He was stunned. When she got up to the alter, the rest of the wedding
went by relatively quickly.

At The Reception...
"C'mon Vegeta!" Bulma pleaded.
"No! How many times do I have to tell you NO!!!" Vegeta yelled.
"Fine. Be a spoiled sport then." Bulma said walking onto the dance
floor. It was a fast song and her, Sara, and Goku were dancing their
butts off. But then, the music went from fast to slow, and everybody
started slow dancing. Bulma was standing in the middle of the dance
floor surrounded by slow dancing couples. She suddenly got very
depressed. She slowly walked back to her seat and sat down. She sat
with her head looking towards the floor. Tears fell from her eyes and
hit the hard floor. Vegeta had been watching her, Come on Bulma! Don't
make me do this!
he thought. Don't make me feel sorry for you and ask
you to dance!
Then she let out a big sniffle of pain. He looked away
and groaned, trying to block her out. But he couldn't resist looking at
her, and when he did, and saw the pain in her eyes, it convinced him
that he needed to. He looked away, sighed, and crossed his arms. Then
he got up, walked over to her and said, "I have to warn you," Bulma
looked up at him. He continued, " I can't dance good."
A big smile covered her face and she jumped up and gave Vegeta a big
"Knock it off woman!" Vegeta said. So she let go of Vegeta, grabbed his
hand and pulled him onto the dance floor. "Now I told you I can't
dance. I never have. So I don't know how to 'slow dance.'"
Vegeta said.
"That's okay. I'll teach you really quick." Bulma said.
"Fine," Vegeta said.
"Okay. Put your hands on my waist." Bulma instructed blushing.
"Do I have to," Vegeta wined.
Bulma gave him a stern look meaning, 'you'd better!'
"Fine!" Vegeta gave in.
"It's really easy." Bulma continued.
Vegeta put his hands on her waist and she put her arms around his neck.
"Now move as I am." Bulma instructed.
He started following her moves. Then she put her head on his shoulder
and closed her eyes. This was just as she had imagined, she loved it.
It just happened to be that they had danced next to Goku and Sara. Goku
saw Vegeta and Bulma slow dancing and a big smile came across his face.
When Vegeta's face was facing Goku's, Goku went, "Psssst!" Vegeta
looked up. Goku gave him a thumbs up. Vegeta gave Goku the middle
Goku only laughed.
When the song was over, Vegeta went to sit back down while Bulma stayed
out there and dancing with Goku and Sara and other people.
Not too long later, the song 'I Knew I Loved You' by Savage Garden came
on. Bulma squealed in happiness, ran over to Vegeta, and pulled a
stunned Vegeta to the dance floor.
"Hey, I only said that one dance," Vegeta complained.
"Vegeta....." Bulma whined with puppy-dog-eyes.
"God," Vegeta said putting his arms around her waist.
"Yeah!" Bulma squealed.
Vegeta wasn't very good at slow dancing, so Bulma said, "You really
should get slow dancing lessons."
"Oh hell no," Vegeta said.
"Oh hell yes." Bulma replied. "Oh! I could teach you! I'm a wonderful
Vegeta didn't answer.
"C'mon Vegeta," Bulma said hugging him tighter.
"Fine." Vegeta grumbled.
"Oh, great!" Bulma said happily.
They slow danced to every slow song for the rest of the night.

The next morning Bulma's alarm woke her up at 5:30 am, her normal time.
She got up and did all her normal morning things. When she was ready,
she went out of her room and to the elevator. But when the doors opened,
she gasped in shock.
"Vegeta??" Vegeta was standing in the elevator, leaning against the
back with his arms crossed, "Took ya long enough." he said.
"Y-y-your on an e-elevator....." Bulma said amazed.
"Just shut up and get in." Vegeta said.
She walked in, but she was still stunned at what she was seeing.
"W-what the hell are you doing in an elevator?! You never use an
"I needed to talk to you about the dancing thing inconspicuously."
Vegeta explained.
"Ohhhh yeah," Bulma said, a smile forming on her face.
"Well, tonight, 8." Vegeta said.
"Okay! Great! My place!" Bulma said happily.
"Yeah, wonderful," he said sarcastically, then he teleported outside.
Bulma sighed, leaned against the back of the elevator, and slowly slid
down to the ground smiling.
"I can't wait until tonight!!" she said happily.

That Night...
Bulma paced back and forth in her room, "When is he gonna get here?!
He's ten minutes late!" she said. Bulma was already dressed, she was in
a long red dress with slits on either side that went up to her thigh.
Her hair was in a high ponytail. Suddenly there was a knock at the door.
It startled her, but then she said in a cheery voice, "Come in!"
Vegeta walked in wearing his normal clothes, spandex and Saiyan armor,
the new kind. He took one look at her and said, "Damn!"
"Well look at you! You're not ready to start practicing your slow
dancing!" Bulma replied, blushing at his remark.
"What do you mean.... 'ready?'" Vegeta asked raising an eyebrow.
"You're not dressed up," Bulma said.
"Oh hell no! I'm not getting dressed up to slow dance practice!" Vegeta
"I'll go up to your room and pick out a suit for you." she said walking
out of the room.
Vegeta growled quietly, then walked over to the window and out to the
Why do I do all this shit just so she won't cry?! he scolded
himself in his head. I'm getting soft! I'm turning into a human!
Damn it. And now I'm taking dancing lessons! Even worse, slow dancing

He scolded himself out on the balcony until Bulma came back with formal
wear. He didn't even notice her until she walked right next to him and
said, "What are you doing?"
He was so startled he fell over screaming, "Holy hell!!"
She burst out laughing and fell over saying, "My sides! My sides!" in
between laughs.
"Hey shut up!! You caught me when I was deep in thought, you took me by
surprise!" he yelled at her.
"Sorry but....... 'Holy hell!!'" she imitated as she fell over,
laughing so hard she was crying.
Vegeta sat on the ground scowling, then he said, "That's it. I'm outta
He stood up and was about to fly away when Bulma said, in between
laughs, "Wait. Sorry, please stay."
Vegeta looked at her and said, "You gonna shut up?"
"Yes I'll shut up." Bulma replied. She picked up the suit and walked
into the room. Vegeta followed. When he got to the door, he turned
around, closed the doors and curtains and locked it.
"What did you do that for?" Bulma asked.
"I'm not letting this spoil my reputation." Vegeta replied.
Bulma sighed and walked over to her CD rack and looked through the CD's.
"What are you doing?" Vegeta asked.
"Looking for a little dancing music," Bulma replied, "aaahhh, here it
"What is it?" Vegeta inquired.
"My Savage Garden CD. I Knew I Loved You is the best song to slow dance
to." Bulma explained as she walked over to her CD player and put in the
"Oh great. Do we really need dancing music? I mean come on." Vegeta
"Yes. You can't slow dance to nothing ya know." Bulma replied.
Vegeta sighed and said, "I'll go change." and he slowly walked into the
bathroom. The moment he closed the door he yelled, "It's too girlie in
Bulma giggled, "That's because I'm a girl!" she replied.
"Oh yeah.... that's right...." Vegeta said back.
Bulma giggled.

About 10 minutes later, the door to the bathroom slowly opened, and out
came a very handsome Vegeta.
"Damn!" Bulma said.
Vegeta raised an eyebrow, "That good huh? Personally I think I look
like a geek."
"No you don't! You look so handsome!" Bulma said in a high voice.
"Coming from you, I don't know if that's a compliment or an insult."
Vegeta said, a smirk on his face.
"Trust me. It's a compliment." Bulma said straightening his collar.
Vegeta just kinda looked at her.
"Now, let's get started." Bulma said pulling Vegeta into the middle of
the room.
She turned on the music and tried to teach Vegeta how to slow dance for
the rest of the night.
Eventually, they both got so tired that they both fell asleep on
Bulma's bed.

When Bulma woke up, her head was against something soft. She cuddled
even closer to the soft thing, then it moved. She stopped immediately,
her eyes shot open. She raised her head and saw... Vegeta. She was
resting her head on Vegeta's chest. Vegeta was sound asleep, still in
his tuxedo.
Bulma smiled and lay her head on his chest again. He has such a soft
chest. I could get used to this! I wish I could wake up like this every
morning. But that's just a dream, only a dream. I want to wake up with
my head on his strong chest every morning!
A tear rolled down her cheek
as she fell asleep against Vegeta's chest.

When Vegeta woke up, he felt something against his chest, and he
noticed his arms were around something. He slowly looked down to see
Bulma with her head on his chest and his arms were around her. He
quickly moved away and rolled to the other side of the bed. He lay on
his back, his chest heaving with shock. I gotta get upstairs! he thought
as he teleported into his room. But when he got to his room, he saw
Goku. He gasped, and Goku looked at him. He just got a little glimpse
of him before he teleported back to Bulma's room. When he got back to
Bulma's room, he ran into the bathroom and quickly changed back into
his spandex. When he came out he started pacing back and forth
thinking, Oh shit. Oh shit. Oh shit!! He saw me in my tuxedo! Well
there goes my reputation. What the hell was he doing in my room anyway?!
I'm gonna go up there and set him straight.
So he teleported back to
his room. Sure enough, Goku was still there. He looked at Vegeta the
moment he got there. Vegeta started walking angrily toward Goku.
"Hey Vegeta! What's up?" Goku asked happily.
Vegeta grabbed him by the front of the shirt and slammed him against
the wall.
"Hey Vegeta!" Goku yelled.
"What the hell are you doing in my room?!!" Vegeta yelled back.
"Whoa. Chill man, just chiiiiiiill." Goku said.
"WHAT WERE YOU DOING IN MY ROOM!!!!!" Vegeta yelled. That woke Bulma up
with a start. She heard the confrontation happening upstairs.
What the hell is going on? she thought. So she decided to check it out,
she made her way upstairs, still in her dress.

"Chill Vegeta! Geez! I was in your room to borrow some Saiyan armor,
Gohan and I are gonna train in the Room of Spirit and Time. Don't have
a cow!" Goku explained.
Vegeta lowered him down slowly. "Don't come in my room unless 1. I say
so, 2. I'm here!!" Vegeta yelled.
"Okay. Sorry. I won't do it again. Now can I borrow the armor?" Goku
"If it means getting you out of my hair for at least a day, yeah."
Vegeta replied.
"By the way, nice tuxedo Vegeta." Goku said smiling. "Why were you
wearing one anyway?"
"I-I wasn't wearing a tuxedo. You must be on crack or something, you're
seeing things." Vegeta said, noticing it was getting a bit hot, or at
least for him.
Then Bulma walked in, "What's going on here? What's all the commotion?"
she asked.
"Damn Bulma. You look good!" Goku said.
"Well...." Bulma replied blushing. "Anyway, what's going on?"
"Oh," Goku said walking in front of Bulma, "Vegeta was wearing a
Vegeta was behind Goku down on his knees begging Bulma to not tell him
about the dancing. Bulma saw his pleading, thought about it, then got
an evil smile. Then Vegeta realized the mistake he made. Bulma looked
at Goku and said, "What are you talking about? Tuxedo? Pa! I had to
practically put him in his tuxedo myself before the wedding! Goku, you
gotta be smokin something. Plus, I heard him asleep all night, his
snore sounds like a helicopter taking off."
"But I could have sworn I....... well I gotta go. Thanks Vegeta....."
Goku said, very confused.
He walked over to the window scratching his head and flew out murmuring,
"I could have sworn I saw him in a tuxedo....."
"Poor misguided Goku," Bulma said.
"Do I really snore?" Vegeta asked.
"No! That was just a lie. Speaking of that conversation..... you owe
me." Bulma said, an evil grin on her face.
Vegeta groaned. "What is it."
"I think you need more lessons." Bulma replied.
"Oh no."
"Hey I could call him now and tell him I gave you slow dancing
"Fine fine fine. But tell me I don't have to wear a tuxedo again, that
cost me enough trouble."
"No you don't have to."
"Thank god."
"Tonight, my room, practice." And she walked out of Vegeta's room.

That night, they practiced dancing, in casual clothes, not spandex,
Bulma thought that Vegeta needed to get used to wearing normal clothes.
They practiced dancing for a long time, and every time they would get
so tired that they'd fall asleep on Bulma's bed. Then one fateful night,
the impossible happened.
While they were practicing, Vegeta still wasn't very good, and feet
went the opposite way they were supposed to and he tripped over Bulma's
feet and they both fell to the floor. Bulma started laughing, and since
the only loud-like laugh Vegeta does is an evil one, he just chuckled.
From the impact of the fall, they rolled along the floor. Vegeta ended
up on top of Bulma. They stared in each other's eyes, and Bulma's laugh
slowed down and quieted down to an occasional giggle.
They lie there on the floor staring into each other's eyes. Then Vegeta
realized what he was doing and stood up. Bulma stood up in front of
him. Again, they stared into each other's eyes.
Both Vegeta and Bulma were aching to hold one another. But,
coincidentally, neither of them could hold back. They slowly moved in
closer until they were kissing. All of a sudden, Bulma's eyes shot open
and she thought, What the hell am I doing?! and quickly pulled away.
Vegeta was surprised at both of Bulma's actions.
"Uhhh..... umm..... whoa look at the time! Woo, I'm tired, better get
to sleep! I suggest you do the same! You gotta get up early to train!"
she said, and with that, she ran into her huge closet.
She leaned against the closet door, her chest heaving. Oh my god. I
didn't just do what I think I did! Tell me I didn't just kiss

Bulma got on her pajamas, basically her undergarments, and walked out
of the closet. Vegeta was gone and Bulma got in her bed and went to
sleep, but not easily. She had gotten so used to sleeping next to
Vegeta that it was hard for her to sleep, but she did.
Vegeta tried to sleep, but he couldn't, no matter how hard he tried. He
just couldn't get to sleep without Bulma next to him. Then he got an
idea. He teleported into her room, the lights were off, walked over to
her bed, and picked her up. He saw what she was wearing and smiled an
evil smile, although he had no evil intentions. He teleported back up
to his room, with Bulma. He lay Bulma down on the bed, then he got in
next to her, and instantly fell asleep.

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